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HIMYM AU: Barney finds out that Robin works for S.H.I.E.L.D as Agent Hill (Part 1)

They’re mixing two different universes together and yet it still makes waaay more sense than the finale.


"I can do anything"

Stiles, Danny, Peter and Derek are Ron, Wade, Señor Senior Sr and Señor Senior Jr (respectively) in the Kim Possible AU I drew few days back. I wanted to finish it and lol got carried away with the whole deal. It was fun tho! :D 

Thanks to derekhaie tweet about this AU! 

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Seriously, DOTW is so affordable it’s ridiculous. Wish I could get out to Chicago. :(

I KNOW RIGHT? Like I’m I could actually afford a gold pass for DOTW?? (Not that I’m going to get it because I still think it’s too much for not including photo ops; and I’d rather have photos than signature tbh). But yeah I’m like DUDE I could buy all of the photo ops and still have them be cheaper than the one photo op I got with Jensen. LOL.


Better yet, COME TO DALLAS. The Supernatural con is in Sept. :D

I know I just replied to the post, but whatever… did you see my picture with Hoechlin from DOTW Burbank? (And I agree photo ops over signatures, anyday)

(And they weren’t really rushing people through the ops, which was awesome)

Uh NO I have not seen this picture! And they weren’t rushing??? God I hope that’s how it is in Chicago. The Supernatural ones are kind of annoying because of that. Also boo to you not being able to go to more cons but yay for running! Good luck with that! I hear BiteCon might be happening next year, if so I am totally going to go.


I actually kind of had a minute with Hoechlin, as opposed to 30 seconds in Vegas.  I think that because there weren’t a ton of panels, and they really spaced their photo ops out…. there was more leeway.  But it was long enough that he had enough time to say “Hi, I’m Tyler, it’s nice to meet you,” and then ask what pose.  Oh and he told everyone to have a good day.  (Seriously, sweetest man in the world)

(I don’t remember putting my arm around him.  But man, it was magic)

I hope that they do BiteCon, because I REALLY want to go.  I just hope it isn’t the same weekend as WonderCon if they do that in Anaheim again this year (there was some talk of it not being here again), because I would have loved to do both.




There was, of course, an increase in heart attacks and traffic accidents as people panicked trying to escape the ghost deer.

A significant decline in dementors as well.

swiggity swag the nightmare stag

shippinghypothetically replied to your post “why do you tag ocean pictures with #home. are you a mermaid or a werewolf? you can’t be both!”

But it might be the best of both worlds…..full moon nights, just swim right up to shore, transform into a wolf and spend the night running through the Santa Monica hills.

Oh, excellent point. I was just pondering the smell of wet werewolf, and thought that might be a truly odd thing.

Anonymous asked: why do you tag ocean pictures with #home. are you a mermaid or a werewolf? you can't be both!

Well, as a kid I grew up in a beach town.  Nothing like Malibu, but it was overcast and grey most of the time and there was nothing that settled me more than sitting out at the beach and watching the ocean (I still do that when I really need to think).  My mom used to say it was because I have pirate in my blood.

TheBoy would say it’s because I’m secretly a mermaid, but he saved me from being caught in a riptide.  I’ve always been fascinated by mermaids (even before Little Mermaid came out) - but maybe that’s the pirate in my blood, too.

A mermaid werewolf hybrid would be really weird, so I agree, you can’t be both.


Ocean Waves (by Adrian)

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Anonymous asked: If you had to pick only one TV show (old or current) to watch for the next year what would it be? The Silence or Weeping Angels? Which is worse Ewoks or Gungans?

THAT IS A TERRIBLE THING TO ASK ME.  It’s like choosing between my children. Doctor Who. Only because I would have a lot of episodes to choose from and I haven’t seen Classic Who yet.

The Silence. As scary as Weeping Angels are, it’s the idea that you don’t even remember running into the Silence that freaks me out.

…oh man.  Gungans.  While I hate those soulless teddy bears, the Gungans are worse because of the racial undertones.  I… still cannot fathom the idea that nobody at Lucasfilm thought it was a bad idea to have an entire race sound like they’re Jamaican, then make them essentially cannon fodder for the droid army.  And the hero of all of them, is a bumbling idiot.  Like he couldn’t have just been a Gungan who wanted to help.  (I had issues with how most of the aliens in TPM were, actually.  Nemoidians were just as problematic - possibly worse.)



why do the Lannisters have such big beds?

because they push two twins together to make a king.